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Video: Here's Johnny - "Cúmplices"

Video: Here’s Johnny – “Cúmplices”

The talented crew over at Superbad. is back at it and has recently shared its latest single to finish the year in the best way possible. “Cúmplices” was produced by Here’s Johnny, written by Holly Hood, and performed by No Money, an all-star line up that could only result in a great track, as you’ll...
Video: 9 Miller - "Limonada"

Video: 9 Miller – “Limonada”

After Holly Hood’s debut album, O Dread Que Não Matou Golias, Superbad. is back at it and now unveils the visual treatment for 9 Miller’s latest single, “Limonada”. The track was produced by the label’s in-house genius producer, Here’s Johnny, featuring co-production from Holly Hood, and the video was left in charge of Gangangang. Watch it above...
Isa Pólvora by Ivo Lázaro for Holly Hood's "Fácil" (NSFW)

Isa Pólvora by Ivo Lázaro for Holly Hood’s “Fácil” (NSFW)

As you might have noticed, a couple of weeks ago we shared Holly Hood’s latest single, “Fácil”, accompanied by its respective visual treatment that was partly directed by Ivo Lázaro, who was also responsible for the track’s cover art. As a result, Ivo decided to shoot a full session with model Isa Pólvora (whose sessions...
Video: Holly Hood - "Fácil"

Video: Holly Hood – “Fácil”

After sharing the singles “Qualquer Boda” and “COBRAS & RATAZANAS”, Portuguese rapper/producer Holly Hood has finally released his anticipated O Dread Que Matou Golias album, accompanied by a brand new single and visual treatment. “Fácil” is further proof that Holly is much more than just a rapper, showcasing his immense skills and versatility over the instrumental...
Video: Holly Hood - "COBRAS & RATAZANAS"

Video: Holly Hood – “COBRAS & RATAZANAS”

As Holly Hood continues to get ready for the release of his debut album, O Dread Que Matou Golias, the Portuguese rapper/producer unveils a brand new single and its respective visual treatment. The instrumental for “COBRAS & RATAZANAS” was produced by Holly himself, along with Here’s Johnny, and the energetic visuals were directed and shot by...
Holly Hood - "Qualquer Boda" ft. Regula

Holly Hood – “Qualquer Boda” ft. Regula

After a very successful 2015 and being involved in major projects such as Regula’s Casca Grossa album (in which he participated both as a producer and as a featured rapper), Holly Hood starts 2016 with a brand new track, “Qualquer Boda”. The track was produced by Holly himself, a demonstration of his immense skills and versatility, and it...
Video: Regula - "Toni do Rock"

Video: Regula – “Toni do Rock”

A few months have gone by since the release of his latest album, Casca Grossa, and Portuguese rapper Regula continues to promote it like few can. “Toni do Rock” was produced by Here’s Johnny and features additional vocals by Holly Hood and Veecious, and the amazingly hilarious visual treatment above was directed by the artist’s frequent...