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EXCLUSIVE: João Tamura - "Not An Island"

EXCLUSIVE: João Tamura – “Not An Island”

We’re glad to bring you another stunning exclusive from Portuguese photographer João Tamura – this time on his latest trip to Singapore. Titled “Not An Island”, this beautiful set gives us the artist’s perspective on the multicultural city, through his own Canon EOS 500N and 35mm Fujicolor C200 film. Take a look above and stay...
EXCLUSIVE: "Ode II" by João Tamura

EXCLUSIVE: “Ode II” by João Tamura

It is with great pleasure that we bring you the exclusive for João Tamura’s latest session – “Ode II”. Aptly titled, the session is João’s ode to his muse (Usagi), shot at his home in Lisbon, using an Olympus µ mju-1 camera and Kodak Color Plus 35mm film. Take a look above, and visit the photographer’s...
EXCLUSIVE: "the silence between heartbeats." by João Tamura

EXCLUSIVE: “the silence between heartbeats.” by João Tamura

We recently introduced João Tamura’s work to our readers by sharing a couple of his projects (“RedRoom” and “density.”) that showcase the young Portuguese artist’s versatility and good taste. We are now glad to feature his first exclusive on our platform – “the silence between heartbeats.” – an intimate session with model Usagi, shot in...
"density." by João Tamura

“density.” by João Tamura

After sharing João Tamura‘s “RedЯoom” project just a few days ago, we are now glad to bring you another one, titled “density”. While the previous set focused on intimacy and details of the female body, this one sees the artist study the urban density of Hong Kong – city that he spent a month exploring during...
"RedЯoom" by João Tamura

“RedЯoom” by João Tamura

As you may know, it’s always an honor to share great projects from fellow Portuguese artists, so here is the debut of photographer João Tamura. “RedЯoom” is one of his latest sessions, shot in his own home in 2015 and 2016 with Kodak Colorplus 35mm film, capturing some great and intimate details, as you’ll be...